MyVerse is the first virtual transportation platform we built. MyVerse is a platform that brings together "Triple O" Solutions or O2O2O Integration that allows all users to create interactions between the real and digital worlds inside KRL stations.

Explore the limitless world of myverse and interact to your heart's content.

Print your adventurer and choose your destination here.

Jelajahi Petualanganmu

Metaverse Insights

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The Metaverse is the perfect platform for entertainment, education, and business. Whether you're looking to connect with friends, build a community, or create something new, the Metaverse has something for everyone. With endless possibilities for customization and personalization, the Metaverse is the ultimate digital playground. Join now and discover the endless possibilities of the Metaverse.

The potencial audience reaches 6.5 million consisting of:

  • KRL users,
  • KAI Access users,
  • Adakita Free wifi users,
  • The Rail Community,
  • The general public

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How consumers are ready to engage with the metaverse today, and what it will take to unlock metaverse adoption.

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