Company History

PT. Solusi Sinergi Digital, Tbk or the one named "Surge" was founded under the laws of the Republic of Indonesia and is situated in South Jakarta. The company was established under the name of "PT Lucaffe Indonesia" as stated in the Deed of Establishment of PT Lucaffe Indonesia Number 21, dated September 6th, 2012, drawn up in the presence of Humberg Lie, S.H., S.E., M.Kn., Notary in North Jakarta. The Company's business activities focus on fiber optic network infrastructure, digital products and services, and fiber optic networks.

Surge offered its shares to the public for the first time and was listed on the Indonesia Stock Exchange on 30th December 2020 with the ticker code WIFI.

Because of the increasing need for connectivity in line with the development of the digital ecosystem in Indonesia, Surge through its subsidiary PT. Integrasi Jaringan Ekosistem (“Weave”) is collaborating with PT KAI (Persero) through a fiber optic network development project along railroad tracks on Java Island. This infrastructure development is expected to meet the connectivity needs of all residents of Java Island and in the future, the Company will also expand its reach to Sumatra Island. In 2019, KAI and Weave drafted a long-term contract for the installation, operation, and management of fiber optic along KAI's 4,000-kilometer railroad.

The company strengthens its commitment to growing a sustainable business which is currently developing in the construction of fiber-optic networks on toll roads and highways so that the total fiber-optic network that has been deployed by Surge currently reaches 5,724km, Surge can help and contribute to Indonesia, especially in the development of digital ecosystems, improving the quality of education and public services, as well as the development of digital economy in Indonesia.


To become a digital service company that can help people gain access to information and accelerate digital inclusion by providing convenience in internet connectivity, integrated advertising media services, as well as developing application systems that aim to increase added value to society.


  • 01

    Providing affordable & high-quality Connectivity to everyone

  • 02

    Bring attractive combination of local and world class Info and Entertainment to many small screens

  • 03

    Aiming to deliver daily needs thru digital Logistic & Supply Chain ecosystem at the lowest cost.



Running coffee sales business with Lucaffe brand


Acquired KKD which is engaged in the development of digital products and services

Expanded line of business in fiber optic network installation through IJE.

Expanded its business activities to advertising through digital advertising and out-of-home advertising.

Acquired MJT and IOM through AMI which provides advertising services.

Established and acquired MDE, SPD and LNI which provide a web portal and / or digital platform.

Acquired JOB which carries out computer facility management consulting activities.


Established SPG as payment gateway provider.


Established and acquired SAM, LID, SIA, MDS, LAK, SMD and SSA through AMI which provides advertising services.

Company Group Structure

Organizational Structure



  • IMT
  • AMI
  • MDE
  • IJE
  • JOB
  • GMI
  • SPD
  • SPG
  • KKD
  • MDS
  • LID
  • SAA
  • SMD
  • IKI