Internet Protocol (IP) Transit


IP Transit is a solution to the need for interconnection services to the domestic and global internet. Connect to the world with our high-performance Internet Protocol (IP) transit services. Our IP transit solutions provide your business with a direct connection to the Internet backbone, ensuring fast and reliable access to the online resources you need.

With our IP transit service, you can expect low latency, high throughput and unparalleled uptime, making it the ideal choice for businesses that need to stay connected at all times. Whether you're a small business or a large enterprise, our IP transit service has the scalability and flexibility to meet your needs. Upgrade your network today and experience the difference with our industry-leading IP transit services.

This services is a collaboration between PGNCom and PT Integrasi Jaringan Ekosistem (The subsidiary of Surge)

Product Value

  • Multi Homing BGP ( Borther Gateway Protocol).
  • Full Diversity IPLC Link.
  • Support IP V4 dan V6.
  • Support Blackhole Community.
  • Best Route Destination.
  • Multiple Tier - 1.
  • Multiple International Exchange.